Breathe By Aakanksha Singh

Grey Embroidered Heart Tunic Dress


Description: Such a sleek and minimalistic look with this grey tunic and embroidered heart, with long flared out sleeves showcasing an inside hemline. 

Stylist Notes: We love this for a need to dress up and want to represent Indian fashion for a Western event. 

Colors: Grey

Designer: Breathe By Aakanksha Singh

Size Guide

Bottom Length Style: Full Length.

Sleeve Length Style: Long Sleeve .

How it works

We ensure fit by cross checking your measurements to make sure you selected the right size after you rent.

You can mix and match top and bottom sizes

Select the day you want the outfit delivered, normally Monday or Tuesday of the event week.

7-14 Day rental. 7 is standard.

Dry cleaning & shipping included.


We can help you ensure fit WITH TRUETOFORM

TrueToForm allows us to gain accurate measurements from a distance, allowing for a hassle-free experience. TrueToForm is a smartphone-based scanning platform that generates highly accurate digital models that we can reference to ensure sizing.


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with any questions at all.


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