5 reasons why you should rent your Indian clothes versus buy

Indian clothing rental is a fairly new concept for all. Of course we have heard about Rent the Runway, but renting a lehenga? But what about the blouse too? Is that going to fit? I'm used to everything custom... We know. :) 

Preserve was built by women who experience the same pain point: How difficult, time consuming and expensive it is to source Indian clothing. 

But we tackled rental differently. We tackled it with the niche concerns specifically to Indian clothing rental. ALONG with tackling the pain points that haven't been addressed for the women that already rent on other platforms. 

And here's why: 

  • Put a finger down if all of your desi clothes are taking up space at your parent's house or in your guest bedroom? Think about all that burden and all that space you get back! 
  • Conscious consumerism: while renting arguably isn't sustainable it certain falls under the category of conscious consumerism, which is the era we are now embarking post-industrial revolution. 
  • This goes without being said but COST. How about let's use those thousands of dollars on outfits for one wedding towards starting a business or flying first class to your next vaca? 
  • Sizing: We aren't just any clothing rental company offering the latest designer pre-pleated saris, lehengas, gowns and anarkalis for rent: We focus heavily on sizing. We will ensure it fits, starting with standardization of sizing across all designers. You will be the same size in each designer. Genius right? Why hasn't this been done before? 
  • We know you have a whole crew of friends and family getting approval and stating their opinions about the outfit options you have. Consider us a part of that crew. You can text us anytime, asking us about fit, how it looks on certain body types, etc. 


Okay, you've convinced me, take me to the collection