What to wear to an Indian wedding

Yes we know this all too well. And are here to serve. Preserve was created by women who have endured the same problem as you, feeling lost not knowing what to wear when. We are solving it by creating accessibility paired with concierge.

You're here because you want to respect the culture. And we are here to help you feel confident while participating in cultural appreciation.

First, we recommend booking a 30 min zoom so we can show you some outfits and suggest a few. If you prefer we can help you from start to finish via text. Click "Find and Outfit" on the site, which will put you in touch and be able to text a Preserve Stylist. 

There are a few broad overview suggestions just to give you the basic framework.


Red: is typically the bridal color, and you refrain wearing it to the ceremony.

Black: To heir on the side of caution, only wear this color to reception. 

White: Including ivory, is considered in mourning color. Every family differs on their preference. Often times in the invite card will alert you of which colors to refrain from. If it doesn't state, then I we suggest wearing for reception only.

Types of Outfits

There are more outfits than just saris. And every outfit at Preserve is easy to put on, all by yourself. Even for the first time. Don't fret. 

Sari: (all of ours are pre-pleated) would be a suggestion to wear to the wedding. As a way to honor the culture. 

Lehenga: Basically a crop top, maxi skirt and often times a dupatta (a long scarf). These are your easiest bets to wear. You can show as little to no skin as you prefer. 

Anarkali: An a-line dress. If you prefer to go the more modest route, this would be your go to. Definitely recommend this for poojas and nikkahs. 


Dress Code Suggestions

Mehendi: wear something playful and light. It also depends on the family. See where the venue is to determine the formality. 

Sangeet: Think dinner rehearsal but way more fun. The night is filled with dances, food, choreographed dances, and more dances. Super colorful, very festive. Think bright colors. Search lehenga and sangeet on preserve.rent and you will find several suggestions

Ceremony: When the ceremony is several hours earlier than the reception, you will need two separate outfits. We suggest to do a pre-pleated sari. Something that is very fusion where it is a nod to honor and respect the culture while not being too overt. We want you to be looked at for all the right reasons!

Reception: Most of the time you can go either Indian or western. Which is why we offer so many western silhouettes made by Indian designers. The remainder are super fusion. 

We are your closet concierge: Text us at 866-397-2073