The only clothing rental that hyper focuses on sizing.

The only clothing rental that hyper focuses on sizing. 


Have you tried the other routes, only to feel left disappointed because nothing fit?

Yes, us too. Which is why we so heavily focus and emphasize on sizing. 

We don’t want to send you something with a great risk that it won’t fit. Then what? You’re unhappy and unclothed, scrambling what to do next. Which is probably why you’re hesitant to rent right? We know. It’s okay. 


We put in preventative and proactive measures to ensure accurate fit. 


  1. Standardized sizing across all designers. No more guesswork wondering if you’re a size 6 or 10 in a designer. * we will even go as far as tailoring the outfits if they get the measurements wrong. 
  2. We ask for your accurate chest and waist measurement (not bra or jean size) plus height to cross check the size you selected when renting. 
  3. If something doesn’t happen to fit, now worries, that’s what 7 day rentals are for. You receive it so early we have plenty of time to overnight you a backup.