Self Love Reminder:

We as humans, fluctuate in size constantly. For that reason, your most recent measurements are very important. We need them to ensure fit 

We know that numbers can affect some. But let's normalize not giving a crap about the numbers. We will dress you and help you look amazing regardless of what they are. 

Our priority is to help you feel re-invigorated and empowered every time you wear Preserve

But, what about sizing?

We are the only rental company hyper-focusing on sizing. Let's face it, it's the biggest rental hesitancy "What if it doesn't fit?"

The following will likely ease and assure your mind on fit. 


1: STANDARDIZED SIZING: We adhere every designer's outfits to our metrics. No guessing whether you're an XL or 3XL in a brand. 
2: TRANSPARENCY: We list every length, chest and waist measurement. And strongly encourage you to measure your chest and waist to ensure fit. 
3: MICRO-COLLECTIONS: We have even filtered down collections for those that are deemed "super-petite""super-tall". Because let's face it, even if it's petite, still doesn't mean it fill fit lengthwise. 
4: MIX & MATCH SIZES: There's no one size fits all here. If you need a medium top and a small bottom go for it. 
5: CROSS-CHECK MEASUREMENTS: While you're checking out, we take your heigh, chest and waist measurement to cross-check fit. And will happily swap something out if we don't think it will fit you. 
6: EXTENDED RENTAL LENGTH: Our standard rental length is 7 days. Last thing we want you is stressed. You receive approximately 5 days prior to the event to ensure fit, and ease your mind. ;) If you need longer there is an option. 
7: BACK-UP REPLACEMENT: If we end up here no worry, we will overnight you an outfit in the off chance it doesn't fit. It does happen from time to time but we always have backups on the ready.
You can always text a stylist at any time if you have specific questions about an outfit and how it fits: 866-397-2073


We are striving to make this as seamless a process. The more it fits, the better everything runs. The more we grow, the more outfits and better service we can provide. 

 Measuring tapes are nice to have. We have had women measure themselves with shoe strings, carpenter's tape you name it. But for best accuracy: here's one on Amazon.


Size  Chest (in) Waist (in) Hips (in)
XXS 30" 24" 34"
XS 32" 26" 36"
S 34" 28" 38"
M 36" 30" 40"
L 38" 32" 42"
XL 40" 34" 44"
2XL 42" 36" 46"
3XL 44" 38" 48"
4XL 46" 40" 50"
5XL 48" 42" 52"


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