Steps we take to ensure fit

There are so many ways we are working at cracking the code on sizing and fit.

Here are just a few, and look out for upcoming rollouts on seamless sizing. 

1: Detailed measurements are on every product page in every size

2: We ask for your chest, waist and height to cross check measurements

3: Every outfit we have adheres to our standardized measurements. meaning there's no guessing whether you're a size 6 or size 10 in an outfit. You will know you fit in each and every size. 

4: We have specific collections for extra-petite, and extra tall, because we know that not all petite and all talls will fit. 

5: You can receive your outfit several days prior to the event.

6: If something doesn't happen to fit, no worries we will overnight you a backup in no time. 

Here is a link to detail further about our sizing: Preserve sizing efforts